2017 Field Your Delta Update

EVENT DATE: July 30, 2017 at Luella High School @1:30 PM. Further details and event guidelines are available in our Events/Programs section of the website.Learn More

Spirit of Atlanta members believe that once you wear the Delta, you're always family.

Spirit of Atlanta Alumni Association is designed to encourage continuation of the fraternal aspects of being a member of Spirit, and to provide support for alumni and needs presented to the organization by Friends of Spirit.

SoAAA has sponsored the The Delta Group program of financial support for the corps, the annual BBQ, Field Your Delta, and other member based needs and functions requested by FOS for the members.

SoAAA has a standalone Board of Directors that meets regularly to find ways to foster continue contact and inclusion of all alumni and further support the corps.

If you're an alumnus and haven't yet registered with the Spirit of Atlanta Alumni Association, please make sure to register yourself here as an alum. Once verified, you'll be put in the loop with the latest SoAAA information. Join the Alumni Association

2017 SOAAA Membership Drive

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