Red Dead Redemption II

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    The third game in Rockstar's Wild West-themed series is a prequel to the events of Red Dead Redemption, returning to the open-world action of its predecessor.

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    Red Dead Redemption 2: A game to behold

    Never before have I seen a game that can completely immerse the player into a fictional world within the first 10 mins of playing. From the stunningly, realistic graphics of the 1890’s America, to the complex yet, easy to follow story and the rugged, lifelike gameplay can make a grown man cry. Especially to be a creation from a corporation that is notorious for their lackluster effort and scummy microtransactions. It is as if a 1-star café has won best coffee award. Only once before in 2013, did Take two Interactive forget to include their greedy techniques and decided to put their attention and effort into creating a good game. Grand theft Auto V is acclaimed to be an incredible game by both players and critics. The blood, sweat and tears from the game developers at Rockstar Studios can be easily seen from the spectacular game that is Red Dead Redemption 2.

    Intricate and compelling story

    A frequently used point people use against Red Dead Redemption 2 is that the game is boring and fails to keep the player entertained throughout the game. The only possible reason to why they would think so is if they mistook Red Dead Redemption 2 for A million ways to die in the west, a film which proved unsuccessful at the box office. Red Dead Redemption 2 allows for the ultimate wild west experience as you traverse through New Hanover and New Austin as the era of cowboys and outlaws come to an end. The Van der linde gang must survive the alternating world and try to make as much money as possible before their past actions catch up to them. In 2018, Red Dead Redemption 2 was awarded ‘best narrative’ at the Game Awards. The story that Rockstar Studios developed has the player experience all the challenges and struggles of Arthur Morgan which eventually allows the game to control the players emotion like a puppet on strings. RDR2’s emotionally compelling and intricate story is a crucial reason why it is such an incredible game.

    Modern teachings from the past

    The morals scattered across the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 are enough to provide a life’s worth of teachings to the player. The many multiple-choice situations presented in the game allow for players to receive different consequences for their actions and allows them to rewarded for good deeds. However, sometimes what appears to be the right thing to do may end up punishing your character. One example of RDR2’s teachings is life is constantly evolving and if you don’t evolve with it, you will be left to rot. This message can be constantly found throughout the game as gangs and outlaws are quickly becoming extinct. What’s most interesting about these morals taught from the game is how they are both relevant to present day as well as the wild west setting of RDR2. It is because of games like RDR2 that show a close representation to life in the wild west, people from present day can be enlightened by these lessons without physically facing the hardships that come with. The most ironic part about the morals presented by the game is that for most players, they slip right underneath their noses without them even knowing they have gained this wisdom. Like an ignorant Prophet. RDR2 has given players a game to entertain for hours as well as learn some meaningful life lessons along the way.

    Life-like visuals and score

    After taking a good glance at the scenery and graphics of Red Dead Redemption 2, it is clear to see why this game has been so successful with critics. RDR2’s graphics are so stunning that it can be compared to life itself. Rockstar Studios captured the wild west scenery in its purest form. Then it plays, a perfectly executed accompaniment to the stunning visuals. The mere thought of this combination can put chills down any gamer’s spine. For it is the realistic visuals and music/sound effects that allow RDR2 to be considered incredible compared to games like the Far Cry and Fallout series. Not only was RDR2 nominated for ‘best art design’ at the game awards 2018, but RDR2 was also awarded with ‘best score/music’ and ‘best audio design’. The effect that the graphics and music can have on the players can increase their experience tenfold, such as if you watch a movie at home on your couch then comparing that to watching the same movie at the cinemas. It is the incredible score and visuals that have given so much prestige to the name, Red Dead Redemption 2.

    In Summary, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a remarkable game made by Rockstar Studios and published by Take Two Interactive that should be the first game that comes to mind when considering what game to buy next. The graphics and score of RDR2 are the most notable aspects of the game that really transcends the experience to another level. Take Two Interactive who swing and miss far too often have finally hit themselves a home run.

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