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Week of April 4, 2022

DayShow (time)

Bombcast LIVE! (11a PT/2p ET)


Arcade Pit 3rd place Final! (TamRorie vs Team Juice)
Albummer! 32


Grubbsnax LIVE! (8:30a PT/11:30a ET)
Voicemail Dump Truck LIVE! (1p PT/4p ET)
The Very Online Show 20


Run 2 The Hills Live!
Unprofessional Fridays (1p PT/4p ET)
(Community Endurance Run begins after UPF)

Also this weekLEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Quick Look (possibly Wed.)

Other notes:

  • Ranking of EVIL has been hit with a few scheduling conflicts, we hope to return soon!

All Show Statuses

Note: These are all of the shows in active production. But it's not everything!

(P) Premium

GrubbSnaxActive(P) Live Thursdays at 8:30a PT/11:30a ET
Ranking of EVILon breakUsually publishes every other Monday
Armed & RangerousS1 completed(P) Season 1 completed!
The Very Online ShowActive

Usually publishes every other Thursday

Borne to RunHiatus(P) Taking a break, check back soon!
Guilty TreasuresHiatus(P) Taking a break, check back soon!
Albummer!ActiveNew shows publish every Wednesday
Bak 2 SkoolS1 completed(P) season 1 in the books!
Voidburgers Hot TakeoutsHiatusJess works here now so these are TBD
Giant Bomb AnimatedActiveNew animated shorts every 4-6 weeks
Unprofessional FridaysActive(P) Live Fridays 1p PT/4p ET
Giant BombcastActive(P) Live Tuesdays 11a PT/2p ET. Free Bombcast VOD Publishes Tuesday afternoons
Reel LayersActiveFrequency unclear
Giant Bomb Presents: Voicemail DumptruckActive(P) Live Thursdays 1p PT/4p ET. Free VOD publishes soon after
Run for the HillsActive(P) Live most Fridays 11a PT/1p ET. VOD publishes later
Best of Giant BombActiveAiming for monthly
Arcade Pit on Giant BombActiveLive shows every Wednesday
JeffJeff's Bizarre AdventureActivePodcast publishes every other Wednesday

The 2022 Arcade Pit on Giant Bomb Invitationalâ„¢

Current standings as of March 23

Rules: Four teams of 2 will each play each other once for a season total of 6 games. All teams are then seeded based on record, 1-4. The team with the best overall record will automatically advance to the final. Tiebreaker goes to the team with the most total points. Seeds 3 and 4 will then compete for 3rd place. The following week, seeds 1-2 will compete for 1st and 2nd place.

PlaceTeamRecordTotal Points
1Team Buttz3-0835
2Fancy Catz2-1860
4Team Juice0-3395

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